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    Anniversary Cake Gallery

    Anniversary cakes to celebrate the years gone by and those yet to come.

    Is your anniversary coming up? Are you looking for an outstanding way to bedazzle your partner this year?
    Contact Us now to have your custom made anniversary cake designed and developed to help make your special day.

    Anniversary cakes are most popular for celebrating years of marriage, be they paper, cotton, tin, ruby or gold. For your 6th wedding anniversary (sugar), we can make beautiful, funny or romantic sugar paste flowers and figurines. Anything from roses and frangipani to little piggies looking lovingly into each other’s eyes. Our special occasion anniversary cakes always bring a smile to those picking and we love seeing the ‘wow’ expression on people’s faces.

    We also design corporate cakes to help make corporate anniversaries memorable within your organisation. Contact us today to see what we can do for your company (not just corporate anniversaries, but also to celebrate project milestones). Corporate logos can feature on your cake or alternately team figurines. Remember these don’t have to be a regular 2D image on the cake as we can create anything from castles and animals to people and gardens to trucks and sports cars on a cake to suit a group of 10 to 200 people.

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    Cake Enquiry FormCake Enquiry Form
    Cake Enquiry FormCake Enquiry Form