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    Christening Cake Gallery

    Christening cakes celebrate a once in a lifetime event for your special person.

    Do you have a christening coming up? Are you looking for an outstanding way to christen your child?  … Contact Us now to have your custom made christening cake designed and developed to help make your special day.

    Our Christening cakes include the elegant and traditional, themed in combinations of white, pale pink and powder blue complete with cradle and baby figurine. Our Christening /Name day cakes also include non-traditional which have included alphabet blocks, brightly coloured sugar paste balloons and hearts, and wrapped presents complete with tiny bows.

    We look forward to making a Christening or Name day cake for you, your family and friends to help celebrate a beautiful day in the life of your prince or princess.

    We hope you enjoy our christening cakes gallery and we hope to hear from you shortly.

    Thank you for visiting our website and viewing our galleries. Please view our Facebook page for more pictures and feel free to drop us a comment comment.

    Cake Enquiry FormCake Enquiry Form
    Cake Enquiry FormCake Enquiry Form