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    What are Buttercream Cakes?

    You can top a cake with whipped cream or glaze it with ganache, but the most popular way to finish off a cake is with a layer of buttercream frosting. Buttercream cakes contain is a sweet frosting that is rich with butter and has a silky texture that melts against your tongue when you bite into it. There are several types of buttercream and some are far more common than others. Cakes covered in buttercream have a beautiful, fluffy, bubbly and creamy appearance. Buttercream Cakes can have a nice smoothed and textured cake covering. But what is it? Is it an icing? Is it edible? What does it taste like?

    … These are all questions we are going to answer and by the end we hope you are as excited about buttercream as we are!

    Buttercream FAQs

    • What are Buttercream Cakes?
      A simple buttercream cake contains frosting is made by creaming together butter, confectioners’ sugar, milk or cream, and some kind of flavourings until everything is smooth and fluffy. This type of frosting is sweet, easy to work with and keeps very well, all of which make it a very popular choice with us cake decorators.The other common type is a meringue-based buttercream cake. With this type of frosting, either Italian meringue (hot sugar beaten into egg whites) or Swiss Meringue (egg whites and sugar heated together and beaten) is prepared and cooled, then a generous amount of butter is beaten into it until the frosting is glossy. These types of buttercream cakes have a much lighter texture than a simple buttercream cake and they have a much more distinct butter flavour to them.
    • Are there other names for buttercream cakes?
      Yes! A buttercream cake, also called a American Buttercream Cake and this is probably the most common buttercream variation.

    Other types of cake coverings are Fondant and Ganache – Click the links to learn more about them.

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