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    Fondant Cake Specialists

    Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast

    What are Fondant Cakes?

    Cakes covered in fondant have a beautiful, smooth and almost porcelain-like appearance.

    Fondant cakes can be sculpted into fun, crazy designs resembling almost anything imaginable, or you can texture fondant to look like fur, ruffles or even waves.

    The possibilities truly are endless when decorating with fondant, but what is Fondant? Is it an icing? Is it edible? What does it taste like?

    … These are all questions we are going to answer and by the end we hope you are as excited about fondant as we are!

    Fondant Cake FAQs

    • What are Fondant Cakes?
      Fondant Cakes are the most traditional types of Wedding and Birthday Cakes. These days. Fondant Cakes can be painted upon with food colouring, dyed beautiful colours, cut into shapes, braided, or made to look like ruffles. Usually, Fondant is simply rolled out and pressed over a cake to make the cake look perfectly smooth. The primary reason Fondant is used, is because it looks fantastic and is very unique with Wedding Cakes.
    • Are there other names for Fondant Cakes?
      Yes. Fondant is often referred to as Sugar Paste in Europe and UK. In Australia, Fondant started to become popular around the mid 1940’s.
    • What do Fondant Cakes taste like?
      Fondant Cakes are sweet, simular to a marshmallow. Usually under the layer of Fondant, you will find a thin layer or Ganache or Buttercream.


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