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    Ganache Cake Specialists

    Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast

    What are Ganache Cakes?

    Ganache cakes are covered in a rich mixture of chocolate and cream that can be used as a frosting or filling. Depending on the intended use, different ratios of chocolate to cream are used, to create anything from a light glaze to a dense standalone truffle. This mixture is remarkably rich and luxurious.

    The evidence suggests that ganache cakes were developed in the mid-1800s, although both France and Switzerland claim the credit for the invention. In either case, it quickly spread into European dessert making and used throughout Australia. Antonia’s Cakes sell Ganache Cakes in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and Southside.

    Cakes covered in ganache have a stunning and sculptured appearance. Ganache Cakes can be smoothed, roughed or textured to make almost any effect imaginable. The appearance of Ganache is truly remarkable when decorating, but what is it? Is it an icing? What does it taste like?

     … These are all questions we are going to answer and by the end we hope you are as excited about ganache as we are!

    Ganache FAQs

    • What are Ganache Cakes?
      This question is often asked by our customers. It is a cake covered with whipped filling of chocolate and cream, and very often used in confectioneries such as cakes and truffles.
    • Are there other names for ganache cakes?
      No. Throughout the world, ganache cakes are simply known as ‘ganache cakes’. We however have heard some of our customers refer to it as ‘Glazed icing’.
    • What do ganache cakes taste like?
      We love using ganache to cover wedding cakes and birthday cakes as it tastes incredibly delicious. Living in Brisbane, Ganache is the perfect choice as it withstands most of our really hot weather MUCH better than buttercream.Ganache is fudgy. The basic ganache cakes are covered in cream and chocolate. The taste depends on the chocolate used in it, but generally it is made with a darker chocolate, and tastes very rich, like dark chocolate. It’s like the same stuff that’s inside Ferrero Rocher candiesn (without the hazelnut). Or boxed chocolates that have a softer chocolate filling. That’s ganache too.

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