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    Christmas Cake and Gingerbread Gallery

    Cake and Gingerbread for Christmas. WOW Check this out…

    Christmas cakes are swiftly becoming a new trend within the cake decorating industry to help loved ones celebrate this day, particularly with family. Antonia’s Cakes and Crafts have designed a special Christmas cake and gingerbread selection for your convenience.

    Our gingerbread houses (we have two sorts, A frame or traditional) have always been the favourite at this time of year and we always have pre-orders for our gingerbread houses. And a little something about our gingerbread houses: you can really taste the ginger, they have a bit of a bite; they have goodies inside the house, usually a mix of lollies and gingerbread; they look great with the white paste piping which holds the walls together and icing sugar dusted around to give it that snow effect. Children can’t wait to break them apart and we know some don’t make it to Christmas Day and there are squeals of delight when they find the goodies inside. These make great gifts, but we do ask that you order well before December to avoid disappointment as we make a limited number each year.

    Please get your cake orders in early as the Christmas period are very busy.

    Check our recent Christmas cake selection we have made for the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas.

    Thank you for viewing our Christmas Cakes gallery

    Cake Enquiry FormCake Enquiry Form
    Cake Enquiry FormCake Enquiry Form