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    Cupcakes Gallery

    Cupcakes for all occasions

    Cup Cakes are a perfect way to set off your wedding cake, birthday cake or any other special occasion cake which you require.

    Many people design their special cakes and require some additional cupcakes to go around the cake or perhaps as a second tier.

    Alternatively, some people will request nothing but cupcakes – we have had many birthday cake orders of only cupcakes.

    Cakes are an amazing way to celebrate all kinds of events. Antonia’s Cakes and Crafts have designed many cakes and are very professional and dedicated about providing every customer with a ‘WOW’ factor.

    We hope you have enjoyed our Cup Cake gallery and we hope to hear from you shortly.

    Please feel free to use the enquiry form below to request a quote or details about a design of cupcakes to suit your event.

    Cake Enquiry FormCake Enquiry Form
    Cake Enquiry FormCake Enquiry Form