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    Novelty Cake Gallery

    Naughty and Nice Novelty Cakes

    It is amazing what people ask for! We can pretty well do anything that tickles your fancy or your partners fancy or anyone else for that matter. We find that most of the time, these cakes are a surprise for someone else, usually the partner. We are still surprised ourselves with what some mothers will order for their sons after they left high school.

    Mums and Dads, Parents and Siblings get a laugh when the cake is revealed. They enjoy apportioning certain parts to favourites in the family.

    Apart from the favourite boobie cakes, our novelty cakes also include dogs, piglets, dinosaurs, teddy bears and super heroes. While you can use your imagination, that isn’t entirely necessary as we can supply a range of ideas which will suit the age or the theme of the celebration, be it sport or fancy dress.

    So, you can supply the idea or we can, and then we will create a Novelty Cake which you and the rest of the party will be something to remember!

    Cake Enquiry FormCake Enquiry Form
    Cake Enquiry FormCake Enquiry Form