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    Antonia McGrory


    Originally Antonia’s interest in cake decorating came to light with her eldest sons first birthday. Her children’s birthdays were greeted with excitement every year there after. 15 years later, as Antonia’s 6 sons were growing fast, Antonia was given the opportunity to not only create unique birthday cakes but realise that a passion for cake decorating would be fulfilled as an enjoyable hobby.

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    Antonia’s Cakes grew out of her kitchen, designing cakes for family, extended family and friends, workplaces and fundraisers.

    Word of mouth spread rapidly, opening up opportunities to design wedding cakes, engagement cakes, birthday cakes, christening cakes and any other form of cake imaginable.

    With Antonia’s skillset cemented, she began teaching basic cake decorating lessons to other interested cake decorators. Antonia really enjoyed teaching easy lessons for children as that was an exciting new endeavour.

    Antonia’s Christmas goodies line started with a basic gingerbread house. Christmas Cake and Gingerbread orders are now taken a year in advance for Christmas fruit cakes, Christmas snowmen ginger bread houses, Cookies and Marshmallows.

    In the 90’s Antonia joined Queensland Cake Decorating Association and the next 12 months mastered basic technics and skills that few with imagination and inspiration.

    One of Antonia’s customer actually entered Antonia’s Christmas Cake in a cake competition. Antonia was surprised and excited when she received a phone call notifying that her cake had won first prize. Although Antonia would love the opportunity to enter more competitions, unfortunately there has been no time while Antonia is running Antonia’s Cakes and Crafts.

    Throughout the many years, Antonia has designed a fair few corporate cakes and finds that has been another exciting avenue to showcase different and unique designs. Throughout the corporate cake designs, Antonia has received certificates of appreciation from Care Flight Australia, Max’s house, Griffith university, QUT university and the Logan hospital.

    … These are just a few of Antonia’s happy cake customers.

    For over 15 years, Antonia’s cakes had provided cakes for returning customers starting with birthday cakes, then engagement cakes, though to wedding cakes, then the most exciting baby shower cakes and then the cycle restarts with their child’s first birthdays – all within same family, as returning happy customers.

    Antonia’s has had Cake orders placed from Northern parts of Queensland, New South Whales and Melbourne. A few customers fly in to celebrate weddings and birthday occasions here in our beautiful Queensland state. Since 2004, Antonia has also supplied Birthday Cakes and all special occasion Cakes to our local bakery here in Bethania.

    In the 2010’s, Antonia’s Cakes branched on to Social Media and Antonia’s Cakes growth started to rapidly expand. This pressure was good for business and Antonia needing to call on and recruit help…

    Antonia reached out to a wonderful lady named Gail, who has been helping with making decorations, overseeing cake completions and packaging Christmas orders.

    In addition to Gail, Antonia also recently recruited Nina, a very artistic and creative cake decorator who has assisted with creating amazing decorations – Nina is a perfectionist in all Cake designs that she sets her hand on.

    Antonia’s Cakes began as a part time hobby creating cakes for 6 sons and has now expanded to her 7 grandchildren, providing invaluable experience evolving from ordinary to extraordinary amazing cakes.

    Antonia started designing birthday cakes for her own children, but once they were all grown up, Antonia expanded and started decorating cakes for friends and friends of friends. Once the word travelled around, Antonia soon found herself designing wedding cakes, novelty cakes, christening cakes and almost any form of cake you can imagine.

    Antonia’s Cakes and Crafts specialise in designing Wedding Cakes primarily sold within Brisbane, Gold Coast and Logan.

    Antonia has been designing cakes since the 1980’s and is very experienced in creating amazing wedding cakes, birthday cakes and all forms of novelty cakes.

    Certificates of Appreciation from happy Cake Customers

    • Max’s House.
      A donated corporate cake used to help Max’s house with fundraising for their disability learning centre.

    • Griffith University.
      A happy cake customer from a Corporate Cake order.

    • QUT University.
      Another happy cake customer from a Corporate Cake order.

    • Logan Hospital.
      Another happy cake customer from a Corporate Cake order.

    • Care Flight.
      A donated corporate cake to help fundraising to support Care Flight.

    Cake Skills

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    Novelty Cake Design Skills
    Custom Cake Flavours - Made to order

    Cake Experience & Training


    Antonia started developing her cake decorating skills for her 6 children. Each and every birthday became an enjoyable memory and invaluable experience which has shaped Antonia’s skill set and master cake designs.


    Birthday Cakes designs evolved from ordinary to extraordinary. Antonia started to design cakes for friends and other family. In addition to the many cakes Antonia was making, she also started mentoring and teaching others how to create and design amazing cakes.


    Antonia’s Cakes and Crafts was born. A long and experienced hobby escalated in to a business designing primary Wedding Cakes. The word spread quickly. Antonia introduced her new Christmas Cake line which sold out within the first week. Business was rapidly expanding.


    3 decades of cakes decorating experience developing a skillset which shaped Antonia’s Cakes and Crafts. Antonia ceased teaching cake decorating to pursue a full time business. From Wedding Cakes to Hen’s night Cakes. Antonia’s Cakes and Crafts was well established and Antonia had introduced two other very talented decorators to work with the business.

    Thank you Antonia for my beautiful birthday cake. You are so talented & so kind. I’ve been celebrating my birthday with your cakes for over 10 years & every year your designs are so special & unique. You’re truly amazing x

    April Blackwell

    Thank you Antonia for your wonderful cake for my wife’s birthday. She absolutely loved it. If anyone is considering a cake for their function and is looking at these photos. Unfortunately the photos don’t do the cake justice. And the taste was as good as it looked too.

    Paul Beattie

    Thank you so much for both of my sons amazing cakes! All my guests were in awe of how awesome they looked but also how delicious they were! I will never order a cake from anywhere else! Thank you!

    Kylie Lawrence‎