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Luke Italiano


Luke started working with Antonia’s Cakes and Crafts part time in 2008 as the cake website designer. Since 2008, Luke has assisted in created the Cake Social Media Channels and keeping Antonia’s Cakes and Crafts at the front line of Google searches.

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Phone: 0432 284 355

As a child, Luke had the added advantage of getting to see his mother, Antonia, design and create the incredible cake structures for his and his brothers birthdays. Luke has witnessed the dedication and skillset of Antonia’s Cakes and Crafts evolve from day one.

For over 8 years, Luke’s Children, Nieces and Nephews are very privileged to receive the Birthday cakes of the next generation and evolved designs that are currently being created by Antonia’s Cakes and Crafts cake factory. They all have become recipients of birthday cakes have enjoyed baking as well as decorating during the children’s fun days at the cake kitchen. All of the children have also became demolishes of all cake cut offs and expert cake taste testers…

Luke’s Cake History

  • Antonia’s Cakes and Crafts Website.
    In 2008, Antonia’s Cakes and Crafts website was launched. This is now the third revision of the site. We hope you enjoy it.

  • Social Media.
    Antonia’s Cakes and Crafts Cake Facebook page was lauched. This cake page is very active and contains many new photos and designs. We also have various reviews from our customers and hope you subscribe to our Facebook page to see our new creations as we post them live.

Cake Skills

Cake Taste Tester
Cake Website Designing
Cake Decorating

Involvement with Antonia’s Cakes


Birthday Cake taste tester. Luke started tasting over 6 cakes per year since 1986.


Cake designs hit a whole new dimension. Luke vividly remembers seeing this one cake that represented Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall. It was incredible.


Antonia’s Cakes and Crafts was born. Luke watched this hobby grow in to a full time business and offered to help promote Antonia’s Cakes and Crafts online.


Wedding Cake for everyone one. Luke was lucky enough to have a cake decorator in the family who could create his wedding cake. Best of all, Luke married a very creative and artistic young lady who’s skills soon started to assist within what is now a growing family business.